Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ch 7: How I met my wife

   Good evening, afternoon, morning,

    Sorry I missed posting last night,
      I was wiped out, tired and went to bed early.  Walked the dogs in a tami though and didn't get any negative or harsh words thrown at me so that was good.

     Anyway, about the facial hair, it still hasn't fallen out or come out completely.  I guess it's a little thinned out and I did call the hair removal place to which they said because of the type of hair I have the roots go very deep.  That it is possible that the hairs are still purging themselves, but in either case the other option is that there is a lot of hair and not enough laser energy to get them all in one treatment.  Fine, I can accept that and will likely go back for more treatments, it's just frustrating to not have things go as expected.

    So, as part of my college experience closer to home I ended up living in three different apartments in college.  At work I started at an entry position and moved up to Quality Assurance and then Supervisor within my first year working for the company.  I didn't take very good care of myself and was generally very tired and stressed out.  Work shifts would generally go until one or two A.M. after I got promoted to supervisor and sometimes I wouldn't take a break on an eight hour shift after having class that morning.  I got a lot of migraines and had to run to the bathroom to throw up on more than one work shift, thankfully the rest of the staff was usually gone by then as I had to close up and run the day end reports by myself.

    Regardless, I made it through and in my second apartment during my junior year at the ripe old age of twenty I met my wife to be.  Now first off this apartment situation was for cheap rent where we each rented a bedroom.  There were six of us, and as someone left we would find a replacement to take that room.  The house had two bathrooms, three bedrooms upstairs and three downstairs.  After the fact my wife likes to explain me as the mysterious, somewhat conceited boy who she thought was too good for her.  Little did she know, I was just shy and really wasn't putting myself out there to look for any sort of relationship.  She came along at a point where I was lonely, we flirted a little and then had a grocery excursion neither one of us will forget.

    She took me to the store, I don't even remember what we were getting but am pretty sure we were making some food to share with the 'household.'  I kind of sensed that she was a nice person and think I exploded to her telling her almost my entire life story as I viewed it then on the way to and from the store.  Now again I'm not sure if it was the same night or not but I do remember us snuggling on the couch watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  So, quite the romantic first 'date' for two roomates who at the time weren't sure if anything was going to happen.  After the movie she went to her room with the door closed, I went in my room which happened to be right next to hers and surfed the net or did something in there for a little while.  Eventually I got up and had butterflies in my stomach and was pacing outside her door, going over things in my head and being extremely nervous.  I feel silly to say this but she finally had to come out of her room to see me standing there, and pretended she was getting a drink or something.  But standing there talking I finally got up the courage to kiss her and we have been together ever since.

to be continued...
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