Monday, July 29, 2013

Ch 36: 9 months on E and recent happenings

      So, my posts have slowed down, I guess I could find something to write about every day, but at the same time I feel like it's easier and more entertaining if I write one entry every so often to include some exciting news.  Last month I started progesterone, got my bloodwork done last week and everything came back normal.  So again I'm moving in the right direction though my doctor tells me my T levels are still too high, but we'll get over that eventually can't have everything happen at once.

    Changes: I'm pretty sure I told you last time about trying to lift the AC unit, but omg it's like these things I took for granted as a guy I am now coming to realize how difficult it can be as a girl.  Hair is still annoying, lol after you put makeup on it loves to stick to your face and blow everywhere, not that it doesn't look good but still.  I switched foundations and picked up the new Covergirl 3 in 1 which seems to work better, probably should have been using a foundation all along, it mostly helps because I don't have to use as much and I get the same coverage I used to with the other one.  It also has less streaks and is more forgiving to being able to see fingerprints and stuff in your makeup.

   My nails are longer, and I had my 3rd laser hair treatment, the lady I usually see was on vacation so it was a different lady and she was super nice.  She went over my face with like a 'fine tooth comb' meaning she kept looking for hairs she missed and would do the same area more than once.  Then she was a sweetheart and was like 'you're doing so well let me help you out,' so she did my upper chest for free, yippee! basically just the area that shows as a t-shirt outline but every little bit helps.  Been plucking my eyebrows to try to keep the shape though it's hard to get all the strays.

   Ok, with the progesterone my breasts are growing again, I think it's funny how they grow the nipple pops out like a little triangle and then the rest of the breast fills out around it.  I've been shaving my legs less, though I should do it again, just avoiding cutting my legs to ribbons every time I shave.  I've been using the electric razor on them but it doesn't get the same close smooth shave a razor would.

   I've been working a lot with Erica, we are getting the budget and projections ready for the School, and everything seems to be going well.  First fundraiser is next month on Aug 16th so we'll have a better idea of the money situation after that.  Will be an exciting week as my legal name change was now pushed to Aug 14th. I was sooo mad at myself for missing the court date and showing up the wrong day, but hey what's another month? I guess I've waited 28 years, though I suppose I'm getting impatient with everything as I bet we all do as when we decide we want to change we want to come out the other end and 'poof' no more male features.

  Unfortunately that's not how it works, and it is a process.  Oh, something else exciting that I didn't think was going to change at all is my voice.  When I sing and hit higher notes my voice doesn't crack as much if at all, and I left a voicemail for my wife the other day and I didn't notice too much of a difference when I'm talking to someone and listening to myself but when she hit the playback I was like 'Wow, my voice isn't as deep, yippee!'  Granted it hasn't changed by leaps and bounds, but every little bit helps.

   Ok, so now I'd like to tell you about my blood draw experience.  I went in, told them my preferred name so when they would call me in for the draw they would use the preferred name and not my legal name.  So, this girl comes out calls for me and I go in, I sit down and say thank you for using my preferred name and she responds that it's not a big deal.  Anyway, this girl was awesomely cool she chatted to me quite a bit asking questions and complimenting my hair, and at the end when she was done she made a point to tell me her name.

  So, I had to stop a couple places and drop off paperwork and I almost forgot her name, I should have written it down really, but then it came back to me so I'm in the car, repeating her name in my head to myself not wanting to forget.  I get home and immediately look up the phone number to the hospital, they didn't have a direct line listed for the blood draw station so I had to call the Heart health office located down the hall.  They gave me the number to blood draw, I called and got reception and asked for her, they said sure hold on a sec and transferred me back to the lab.  Another girl answered and I asked for her again and she said yeah she's right here.

   I got on the phone with her finally and she was such a sweetheart, she seemed just as excited that I had called as I was to call her.  So I asked if she wanted to hang out and that the wife and I were going to a dance club on Saturday night, she said it sounded like fun and wanted to come along.  We went out to the first 'club' but it was dead, and was mostly butch lesbians, so this girl knew the area better than we did and knew of a place that was almost always packed.  So we went out of the 'gay' bar realm and into the normal club realm.  I didn't have any hard times, I was worried about the bouncers as I had to show id and my picture is still of the 'old' me, but they didn't say anything.  Either way, we had a blast, dancing and listening to music, wandering around the city and walking after we found parking to and from the club just talking and hanging out.  I have to say having friends and supporters and being able to go out makes a big difference, I probably had pent up energy I needed to release.  In the end though it was a wonderful night, we got back I gave her a super big hug, and we talked a bit about my name change court date, my wife saying she wasn't going to be able to go so I asked my friend if she was around if she would show up for support.  She said she was thinking about it and would check her work schedule.

to be continued...
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